HomeKeepr is the first PropTech franchising opportunity of its kind, offering real estate agencies and professionals the chance to earn recurring revenue through multiple income streams.

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A Fresh Opportunity in PropTech

HomeKeepr was created by a team of PropTech experts intent on solving the real estate industry’s #1 challenge: staying visible to clients and identifying prospective buyers and sellers faster and more efficiently.

HomeKeepr operates differently from standard franchises. We create the product, make the ongoing investments, manage the team, deliver the product to your customers, absorb the overhead expenses, and we pay you!

Discover how HomeKeepr is transforming how real estate professionals engage with their past, current, and future customers. For a confidential conversation, please click here and a franchising consultant will reach out right away.

How is HomeKeepr Different?

HomeKeepr operates differently from the standard franchising model. We’ve created the product and we make the ongoing investments, manage the team, and deliver the product to your customers. We also absorb any overhead expenses and, best of all, we pay you! Our franchise model allows you to earn recurring revenue while transforming how you engage with your current, previous, and prospective customers.

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