HomeKeepr identifies likely movers in your sphere, provides a valuable resource for your clients and offers your Realtor® Partners a powerful marketing tool.

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Introducing your "Close More Loans" App!

HomeKeepr is a robust homeowner app that helps you and your Realtor® partners generate real leads from your sphere of influence.

HomeKeepr is a robust homeowner app that helps homeowners manage everything home. The app is co-branded with your information and your Realtor partner giving you both a powerful tool to stay relevant and grow referrals from past clients and your sphere of influence by:

  • identifying likely movers in your sphere
  • providing a valuable resource for your clients
  • giving you a powerful marketing tool for your Realtor Partners

Here's how:

Monitor and Identify:

Our Mover Intelligence feature identifies contacts highly likely to move within 6 months. We analyze datapoints from public records, social, search and online spending insights to score each contact from 0-100. Contacts scoring 80 or above are most likely to move. Armed with this information you can grow your business, capture more loans and generate leads for your top agents.

Engage and Serve:

We keep you engaged with your past clients through a personalized, homeowner app that helps homeowners manage everything home including updated home values estimates, local for sale and just sold notifications, home maintenance suggestions, appliance manuals, instant, reliable home repair estimates, and a directory of home pros referred by Realtors in your market.

Protect and Promote:

Every homeowner dashboard is sponsored by you and the Realtor partner of your choice keeping you front and center with your past clients and enhancing your relationship with your agents. Whether it's a blog post, local market updates, or homeowner maintenance tips, you and your favorite agent will be featured throughout the portal itself and all communications.

HomeKeepr provides you with the most sophisticated solutions to grow your business and refer clients to your top agents.

To request a demo or for more information, contact: sales@mooveguru.com.

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