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Identify prospective buyers and sellers in your network and stay connected with your clients throughout the homeowner lifecycle.

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Using HomeKeepr as an Agent

HomeKeepr operates on a simple premise: making it easier for agents and realtors® to connect with past, current, and prospective clients, and to identify leads from within their networks. Upload your contacts and be the first to know when someone you know is considering buying or selling a property.

  • Market Insights

    Receive powerful insights into those in your sphere of influence, learn who is most likely to buy or sell, and make contact before another agent does.

  • Easier Communication

    Stay in the front of your clients’ minds with proactive, consistent, offers and lifestyle messaging perfectly targeted to their needs.

  • Customer Engagement

    Provide your clients with a unique and easy to use Homeowner Dashboard, allowing them to manage all aspects of their property in one place.

  • Full Integrations

    Built by a team of PropTech experts, HomeKeepr integrates seamlessly with many CRM systems and transaction management platforms.

  • Brand Reinforcement

    HomeKeepr is fully customizable with your logo, colors, and branding, reinforcing your brand identity every time your customers receive a communication.

  • Concierge Services

    Save time and money by using our Concierge service to connect your clients’ utilities and home services when they move.

  • Homeowner Discounts

    Deliver valuable offers and discounts on the products and home services your clients need, precisely when they need them. And much more!

By the Numbers

  • 397

    The number of contacts in an average real estate agent’s database.

  • 60-80%

    The estimated percentage of a agents’s deals that come from within their sphere of influence.

  • 9.7%

    The percentage of a agents’s contacts that will buy or sell in an average year.

  • 37

    The number of transactions that take place within an agent’s database in an average year.

  • 7

    The number of transactions a typical agent conducts in any given year.

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